The World’s First Social Robot – Jibo

Friendly, helpful and intelligent. He can sense and respond, and learns as you engage with him.


See : Two hi-res cameras recognize and track faces, capture photos, and enable immersive video calling.

Hear : 360° microphones and natural language processing let you talk to Jibo from anywhere in the room.

Speak : Hands-free reminders and messages, so you’ll never forget and can always be in touch.

Learn : Artificial Intelligence algorithms learn your preferences to adapt and fit into your life.

Help : Like a personal assistant, Jibo proactively helps you, to make everyday tasks simpler and easier.

Relate : Communicates and expresses using natural social and emotive cues so you understand each other better.



Assistant : Politely reminds you of important tasks and events to help you stay on top of things.

Messenger : Recognizes you and each member of your household, to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time & place.

Photographer : Uses natural cues like movement, speech, and smile detection to know when someone’s posing for a picture.

Avatar : See-and-track camera makes it easy to turn and look at people, to support video calling as if you are in the room.

Storyteller : Sound effects, graphics and physical movements make a responsive and interactive storytelling experience.

Companion : Physical presence with helpfulness and heart, Jibo will put a smile on your face and make you feel better.

Adults : Manage your life, coordinate with your family, and capture special moments, no matter how tech savvy you are.

Seniors : Attentive companion that can help you live with greater independence and stay connected to those you love.

Kids : Responsive storyteller and playmate uses movement, animation, and sound to delight you and help you learn.

Teens : Connect with your friends in a new way, and have fun creating, customizing and sharing with Jibo and the Jibo Toolkit.

Developers : Create new skills and content for Jibo with the JiboSDK. Then post your creations to the Jibo Store for others to enjoy.



Set up
Follow Jibo’s instructions to connect him to your WiFi network
Teach Jibo to recognize your face & voice
Learn what you can ask Jibo to do
Download the Jibo mobile app (Android & iOS) to connect Jibo to your mobile devices


Connect to Devices
Your Jibo Network can include:

Mobile devices
Personal computers
Other Jibos

The Jibo Store
Expand your Jibo’s skills or customize his abilities through purchasing items from the Jibo Store.

You will also be able to buy other physical accessories to make your Jibo unique.



Impressive Tech & Design

Measuring about 11 inches tall and weighing approximately 6 pounds, Jibo is the perfect size to have an attention-worthy presence in a room, but easy enough to move about your house. Jibo’s striking design makes a sophisticated statement in any home.

The Specifics

SIZE: approx. 11” tall, 6 “ base

WEIGHT: approx. 6 lbs

MATERIAL: aluminum, ABS plastic, glass



2 color stereo cameras
360° sound localization
Upper Body touch sensors



3 full-revolute axes
high resolution encoder
feedback control

DISPLAY: HD LCD touchscreen

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