Structural Design and Construction Engineering Technology.

The Structural Design and Construction Engineering Technology (SDCET) program at Penn State Harrisburg provides the student with a well rounded education in structural and construction principles. The curriculum allows a student to concentrate in either area or opt to get some more courses in each area.

* General Engineering Concepts
* The Use of Construction Methods
* Techniques In Estimating and Scheduling
* Construction Project Management
* Design Principles In Steel and Concrete
* Specialized within an option

Emphasis is placed on integrating modern technology with practical experimentation. Shown in the slides below are some of the aspects of the curriculum being completed by current students.

Because of changing network technology, access to computers, software, and related technology is essential for each student. This allows the students to integrate the subject matter with technology that will be used in their profession. Students may choose to purchase their own computers and connect to the college’s wireless network, or they may use the many on-campus computer labs. In addition, the SDCET program has dedicated computer labs with current software that are accessible 24 hours a day with the student’s ID card.

To the right are slides from one of the SDCET concrete labs, where students mix, shape, and test concrete for structural strength. The laboratory exercises combine modern technology with hands-on learning. Students gain knowledge and experience in modern processes that they will use later in their education and in their careers.

By examining blueprints and other technical drawings, SDCET students apply textbook principles to interpret construction specifications and documents. Here several students discuss aspects of blueprints in one of many hands-on applications. Students take a surveying course that uses real surveyor’s equipment to provide hands-on surveying experience.

Also in the fifth semester of the SDCET program, students take a course in surveying. By using real surveyor’s equipment on campus, practical experience is gained in measuring terrain. The students shown to the right are examining one of Penn State Harrisburg’s athletic fields. After completing these surveying excercises, students are able to apply technical drawings to real landmarks.

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