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Last Minute National Park Vacations
by: Gregg Strand
Vacationing at national parks is probably the most exciting and adventurous travel any family will enjoy in their lifetimes. There's just so much to see and do. However, planning a national park visit also requires more planning than a "normal" vacation. Why?

As you can imagine, our national parks, and those of Canada and most nations, are treasured and protected wilderness. The pristine vistas and natural wonders are part of any country's national heritage and should be preserved in their natural state as much as possible. We can all appreciate this but it makes visiting the parks a little more challenging.

Some hotels and lodging are available inside most parks but the number of in-park accomodations is limited, as they should be. Can you imagine the result of building more and more lodging facilities to accomodate the literally millions of visitors that travel to the most popular parks? Soon the wilderness would be lost in a sea of various types of dwellings. So, the new lodging facilities are being built near park property, not within it. But there is still a problem if you want to visit a park at the last minute.

Unfortunately, even with the expansion of nearby lodging, the demand is so great that it can be very difficult to find last minute lodging for national parks. There are usually available rooms but the problem is finding them. If you go to a general search engine and enter a search for lodging options at any popular national park, the problem is not that you won't find any sites, but just the opposite.

There will be dozens of pages of search results. You could start clicking on the pages and visit them one by one, searching for last minute available lodging, but this can be very time consuming. What to do?

At, you can choose which park you want to visit and when you click on that park's page on the site, the name of a nearby town will already be entered into a hotel booking engine search box. The results of the search will return not only hotels from the city searched for, but towns located within appoximately a 25 mile radius. Depending on which park you are searching for, there could be a dozen or more places to choose from. This SAVES YOU TIME by
requiring only one search instead of possibly many from a general search engine.

So, if you'd like to make last minute national park plans, please visit Some of the places listed will offer exclusive discounts that are not available anywhere else. You will also be able to search for cheap AIRLINE TICKETS and CAR RENTALS.

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