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Kauai - One of Hawaii 's Best Kept Vacations Secrets
by: David Arnold Livingston
Kauai is indeed an island that can take your breath
away even at a glance. The everyday hustles and bustles
of life can drain every ounce of energy that we have.
There are various concerns that desperately calls for
our attention and time which can mess up our thinking
and everyday existence in this big world. That is why
there is a need for us to at least stop from our usual
routine and take time to enjoy and be free. Of course
there are lots of activities that can soothe our pains
and longings but the most effective of which, as
supported by studies and researches, is through nature.
Our mother nature has its own power to heal and regain
the lost energy of its vital components which include
man. That is why a break from the everyday monotonous
tasks can help a lot to refresh and remove the toxins
that can engulf our minds and bodies. There are
thousands of places to visit from all over the world
and one of that is the lush, alive and stunning island
of Kauai, Hawaii.

You can't help but be mesmerized by the sparkling blue
oceans that stretch along the stately mountains and
hills that stood proudly on almost all sides of the
island. Freely flowing from the elevated areas are
gushing waterfalls that can truly refresh the tired and
weary mind. There are so many breath-taking places
waiting to be explored. It may appear to be a small
Kauai island but on almost all sides and corners are
landscapes and locations that can one's attention and
interest. On the North shore of Kauai is the
spectacular Na Pali Kauai coast which was featured on
the movie South Pacific. On the heart of Kauai North
shore is the alluring Hanalei bay that flows to almost
30 miles areas of hills and bays. On the South area of
Kauai shore are the superb beaches and waterfalls which
also include the magnificent National Tropical Garden,
the product of Congress legislations. The natural
result of lava formation in Spouting Horn is also found
on the Southern Kauai shore.

Anyone interested to know the cultural and historical
landmarks of Kauai can go to the West Kauai area. The
historical captain Cook monument can be found on this
Kauai area which serves as the mark for the landing of
British Captain James Cook in the island of Hawaii in
the year 1778. The place where the souls of Kauai
inhabitants rest is said to be found in the sanctified
Polihale heiau. Known as the Coconut Coast is the
Eastern area of Kauai Island. A visit to Kauai shores
will not be complete without exploring this area. East
Kauai is also notable for their beachfronts which made
it a favorite among visitors and tourists for kayaking
or boating although it may have trick currents for
adrenaline rushing adventures.

Warm accommodation is given by various establishments
and companies ready to give their optimum services.
Kauai Island has wide arrays of rooms given by famous
hotels, condos and resorts to make your stay truly a
remarkable and unforgotten one. The rates vary to suit
the budget of visitors and tourists. There are lots of
varieties of services to choose from. On the northern
Kauai shores are vacation rentals that can provide a
good view of the ocean and other landmarks. Furniture,
home accessories and other stuff are also available to
make you feel at home. Beach houses situated near the
road, shops and grocery stores are also available for
the visitors to easily have access to other amenities
that they may need and want.

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