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Press ReleaseSassy Slippers and Handbags Selected as Presenter's Gifts for the 2004 Teen Choice Awards.

Sassy Slippers and Handbags, based on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, has been selected as presenter's gifts for the 2004 Teen Choice Awards produced by People magazine.

Sassy Slippers and Handbags, based on the island of Maui, is pleased to announce that their handbags have been selected for the 2004 Teen Choice Awards produced by People Magazine.

“It just sort of happened,” says company owner Melany Stodelle. “We received a call on Friday by the producers saying they were really interested in our products and wanted us to be a part of the award show’s gift baskets.” Gift baskets are given to all presenters of the Teen Choice Awards. This year’s award show will be featuring an “Island Theme” and will be hosted by Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. Sassy Slippers and Handbags products just seemed the perfect choice in going with the island theme.

“It must be the ALOHA,” says Stodelle. “They said that there is normally an application process, you have to send in samples, and then they have to approve or deny your products. This was all waved for our products,” says Stodelle.

Stodelle said that there was a bit of a time crunch involved since the producers needed the products in hand by Wednesday August 4th for the shows August 11th airing.

“Unfortunately, living on an island, you have to add the additional delivery time needed for products to be shipped. This basically gave us only 2 days to make, package, and send the products so they could meet the deadline, but we did it.”

All Sassy Slippers and Handbags products are handmade, usually to order. “We normally tell people that it can take 1-2 weeks for their products to be made and delivered, but this kind of showed us what we are capable of in a situation like this.”

Sassy Slippers and Handbags have been in business for several years and have quickly climbed the ranks as one of the most sought after fashion accessories. Sassy Slippers is also a part of the “Made In Maui” trade council which focuses on products specifically made and from the island of Maui.

“This is great not only for us, but for the entire “Made in Maui” community,” says Stodelle. “The logo and “Made in Maui” seal will be placed into the hands of today’s hottest actors and will be seen in numerous television and print media campaigns as well. We just want people to know that not only is Maui a great place to visit, but also a great producer of some of the finest products made, possibly in the world!”

Sassy Slippers products can be found in fine retail locations worldwide, online at or by calling their toll free number 866-34-SASSY. “Made in Maui” products can be seen online at

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