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Press ReleaseLingerie Fashion Trends For Fall 2004 – Lingerie Retailer Can’t Keep Designer Lingerie In Stock

Is Your Intimate Designer Lingerie Still In Style?

New York, NY August 4, 2004 -- With Fall/Winter just around the corner brings a flurry of activity and excitement for many retailers and malls.

Why is this time of year so important to the many retailers? We asked Michael Iwasaki of Angelbodywear Lingerie. “The concept is pretty simple. This time of year is like a fresh start for many people. Summer holidays are over, people are going back to school, or back to work. They have the chance to show off their new fashion purchases.”

We asked Iwasaki, partner of online lingerie retailer Angelbodywear Lingerie,, are the changes in lingerie fashion that significant? “You must remember, lingerie is different from underwear. Underwear fashion does not change as much. Sexy lingerie, or intimate lingerie is an intimate fashion statement that changes just as much as clothing styles. Take a look at our Felina lingerie line and our Arianne lingerie line. These lines change seasonally, with each season bringing fantastic original styles and colors.”

What styles should people be looking for in Fall 2004? “As far as colors go, look for mixes of brown and black, gold and black and darker shades of red. Look for heavier materials, such as velours and velvet or heavier nylon/cotton mixes. Also look toward floral swirls and patterns. Form fitting pieces are also still very popular, such as our very popular Arianne Camisole/Corsets. We have had a hard time keeping these items in stock!”

So how much is the lingerie fashion trend going to change? Angelbodywear Lingerie is destined to find out!

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