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“Internet Business Myths” – The True Facts That You Need To Know!
by: Chris Taylor
“Build it & They Will Come”

If you built a theme park in the middle of the Amazon jungle and didn't advertise it, do you think you would get many customers? Maybe a few guerilla's and snakes may visit but unfortunately their wallets maybe a little low.

This is exactly the same with your web site, getting people to your web site or marketing is the most important part. The trick to it if there is one, is doing it right from the beginning so you don't waist precious time and money.

“As I Can Get Everything for Free to Build a Successful and Profitable Online Business I Don't Want To Spend Any Money”

How many times have I heard this one! I understand that the internet is perceived as a place where successful business is born though little work and not a dime spent but this is just not the truth. Although you can run a successful, profitable business on the internet with a lot less costs than a traditional (off-line) business, you still need funds to start.

It never seizes to amaze me when people have to contemplate the money aspect of buying a simple book or software program for their online business, yet they wish to be making ten of thousands each month!

Just as example: Bob has just become a fully qualified carpenter and is going to start his own business. But Bob is not going to spend much money on setting up his business because he can do it on the cheap! Therefore Bob

Will not buy a power saw, but use his hand saw instead
Will always buy second-hand timber to reduce costs
Will not use a mobile phone
Will not use his car as it is costs to much to run. He will put all his tools on the back of his bike and ride to each job! He will put all his tools on the back of his bike and ride to each job!

Does this sound ridiculous, even laughable? I'm sure you get my point.

So yes, at the start you really need to set yourself up with some good books, knowledge and the right tools. Do this and your business will get of to a profitable start and I'm talking about a lot of money for these things either. Stay with everything free and you'll still be hoping for business success two years down the line.

“Information, Information & More Information”

Yes, if you decide to start an online business, the old "information overload bug" is sure to bite quickly, usually in the first few months. A few things can help you here.

1. Remember to take time out and relax, Rome wasn't built in a day and so it will be with your business. Also, while you're relaxing, ideas will come you that will help improve your business. If you're constantly working, this will not happen.

2. Keep focused on what's important for your business to be successful and don't deviate from that.

3. Don't give into “The temptation to re-invent the wheel” similar to number two above.

“The "One Big Secret to Online Success" Web Sites”

Let me clarify why there is such thinking about making money on the internet.

1. If you wanted to be a "plumber", you would do your apprenticeship and then work for someone or then start your own business. If you wanted to own a "milk bar" you get a business loan, buy the "milk bar" and start running the business. Why do we know this and why are there no so called "secrets" regarding being a plumber or running a milk bar? Because these businesses have been around for a long time, to start them is "common knowledge".

2. Therefore because the internet is new and evolving, how to start an internet business has yet to become "common knowledge" and there is still many unknown aspects regarding the subject unlike traditional business . Unfortunately, many now capitalize on this "unknown aspect" by selling so called "secret information" type products thus only increasing the myth regarding internet business.

3. Even if starting an internet business was "common knowledge", there is simply too much information to decipher. Unlike going to the local library, finding the business section and picking one or two of the five books on "starting your own business", your are now on the internet. You have a world library, the business section is as big as a football stadium and books on "starting your own business online" are in the thousands (including are the misleading ones).

4. This final point is the most important one. People want to believe there is an easy way to make a fortune without doing much work, they just have to find it! This is just human nature.
“I Will Get Rich Quickly with My Internet Business”
Yes you can make good money online and quicker than an "offline business" but it still requires, perseverance and a good work ethic (being proactive).

“Its Easy to Make Money On the Internet”

You'll soon find out if this one is true!

“Marketing That Doesn't Work”

Poor Ad Copy
90% of books or products with the word "secret" included in the title.
FFA sites
Link farms
Start page programs (most)
Exit page programs

Unfortunately there are many websites offering the above tools in a package and promoting them as "successful marketing tools". You have to pay a monthly fee to use there tools, all of which you can get for free and don't work.

“How Many Search Engines?”

The ten big search engines account for between 85 to 99% of search traffic, there may be 100 other very small search engines if that. You then have about 10 well known pay per click (ppc's) engines, the biggest one of these being "Overture". Search engines in total hold only 38% of all the current websites registered with a domain name.

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