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by: Jeffrey Broobin
Sometimes people do stupid things, but someone who disobeys a court order is one of the craziest things one can do. In Divorce Court and family custody matters sometimes lawyers try to convince the judge that because of all the pressure of a divorce his client has acted in an unrational way, unfortunately judges rarely fell compassion when their orders are disregarded. Divorce attorneys and their clients often use the same tall tales to ignoring court orders. One excuse is the other party also did it or the court's order was based on inaccurate information. These excuses rarely work. One of the most common excuses is He or she started it! It works as well as any silly nonsense does, it does not work at all. To say someone else is disobeying the law does not help you in your excuse for disobeying the court. We are all responsible for our own actions. If you state the court order was wrong or unfair because of some mistake or a lie, is also worthless. If the court made a mistake there are avenues to address it, and the court can be asked to reconsider it. Only a court has the ability to change the court order. Until the court changes the order you are bound by the current order and it will be strictly observed. If the court order is violated as bad as things seemed to be will only get worse. A man was back in court because his wife said he had not paid is child support that he was ordered to pay. His attorney as well as himself stated he had not paid the child support because his ex wife had lied about her expenses and he felt he had a right to hold back payments because she had lied. He had not asked the court to review the case but made his own decision not based on the law but his anger that was unsupported by the court. By the time he came before the judge he was deeply in debt with back support. As it turned out the man was wrong about the expenses but even if he was right he was wrong, and as a result he violated the court order and caused more hardship for himself. He was forced to pay back support plus interest and to make things worse he had to pay his entire wife’s legal expenses, which included airfare to come to court and an extra 3,000. There are only two excuses for not obeying a court order: Either the party didn't know about it or it was not possible to obey. Not inconvenient, impossible, or difficult! If you have any other reasons for disobeying the court, it will be a costly unpleasant mistake.

About the author:
Jeffrey Broobin is a free-lance writer on family and finance issues; his main goal is to help people during their complicated period of life.

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