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Is Your Hoodia Fake
by: Nick Leonard
The diet supplement Hoodia Gordonii has gotten a lot of press lately. It has been featured on the news show 60 Minuets, and more recently on the Today Show. With all the buzz surrounding Hoodia and its ability to control ones appetite it didnít take long for diet pill makers to jump on the Hoodia bandwagon.

While it shouldnít surprise anyone that these companies would want to include Hoodia in their formula, but the problem is Hoodia is in very short supply and is basically only grown in the Kalahari Desert. The inability to acquire a significant amount of real Hoodia hasnít stopped some diet pill makers from making false claims about their products containing 100% pure Hoodia. The reality is that these products either contain no Hoodia at all, or they have just a trace amount that will have absolutely no effect what so ever.

They can get away with this because the nutritional supplement industry is for the most part unregulated, so as long as your product isnít hurting anyone the government isnít going to step in over untrue or misleading claims.

Does this mean that all Hoodia products are scam? Absolutely not, you just have to do some homework to uncover the companies that are tied in to a supply of real Hoodia. There are very few of these companies that are able to get their hands on real Hoodia for two reasons. First, there just isnít that much grown, and second itís grown in South Africa, and dealing with the government is far from a democratic process.

Some of the Hoodia diet pills that do contain verifiable 100% pure Hoodia are Desert Burn and Hoodoba Pure. These two products have gone to great lengths to document and prove that they are indeed the real thing. As for all the fakes out there, well their days are numbered because a company called Stella Labs has stepped in and vowed the standardize the testing of Hoodia.

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