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Writing Tips - Is The Conflict Able To Be Resolved?
by: Nick Vernon
Now that you¡¦ve made the conflict so bad it can¡¦t be resolved easily, you¡¦ll have to make sure it can be resolved ultimately.

So what you need is a way out.

When you can¡¦t find a way out, what you do is keep on making things harder for your character until you see a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

A way out could be¡K

„« The character changes his mind about things
„« The character receives information previously unknown
„« The character gains insight into what¡¦s been happening
„« Etc¡K

Whichever way you find your way out of the conflict, it must always be one thing. It must always be believable.

When you have piled on the problems and given your characters a hard time, the resolution of the conflict has to give justice to your story. You don¡¦t make your characters suffer; build suspense only to end your story in disappointment.

And while we are thinking of a way out, we have to keep in mind that the character is the one that has to resolve the conflict. So the way out we are searching for has to have something to do with him.

Only he can resolve the conflict in order to be satisfying to us readers because it¡¦s his story. He is going through the conflict, so when he resolves the conflict and experiences triumph we experience triumph too.

Also make sure your conflict is able to be resolved, which means that things can change to enable us to resolve the conflict.

About the author:
Besides his passion for writing, Nick Vernon runs an online gift site where you will find gift information, articles and readers funny stories. Visit

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