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Writing Tip - Is Your Conflict Interesting?
by: Nick Vernon
Some clashes are more interesting than others and some decisions are more important that others.

Two people clashing because they both saw that parking space and believe they are entitled to it, is not as interesting a conflict as one between a couple who have to decide whether to pull the plug on the life support machine which has been keeping their child alive.

And a decision between buying whole meal bread or white bread is not as important as having to make a decision whether to go to war and fight for your country and being opposed to killing.

There are various types of conflicts. You must decide whether the conflict is interesting enough to write about.

We encounter minor and major problems in our lives. The major ones make stories interesting. Thatís not to say we canít work with minor conflicts.

Any conflict can become interesting if we build it up.

Letís take the case between deciding whether to buy whole meal or white bread. This conflict is pretty weak unless we build it up.

So letís build it up.

Our main character has been sent to the store by his wife to buy bread. He prefers white bread but his domineering wife wants him to buy whole meal.

As he is standing at the isle thinking of the last time he tasted white bread (It was before he was married), this brings thoughts of how his wife has been controlling his life. This in turn branches out to other things his wife has done to him.

So the conflict is created in the characterís mind. Does he buy whole meal and give into his wifeís whims again or does he buy white bread and rebel?

The conflict becomes stronger because we have gone deeper into the characterís life. Itís not about the bread anymore, although it does still remain our conflict. Itís about a decision he has to make whether to break the chains or not.

An interesting conflict is also a strong one.

Only when you have a strong conflict will it sustain you throughout the length of the story.

A weak conflict is one that can be resolved straight away.

In the above example, the conflict canít be resolved straight away because the decision wonít be an easy one. He has lived under the rule of his wife for a very long time and habits are hard to break. On the other hand, heís tired of her rule and the thoughts of rebellion are starting to take roots.

What will he do?

About the author:
Besides his passion for writing, Nick Vernon runs an online gift site where you will find gift information, articles and readers funny stories. Visit

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