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Power Of The Written Word (Part I )- Need of Expression
by: Arun Pal Singh
As human brain developed so did the feelings and desire to express them. The need led to development of the language. From howls and moans to the meaningful words today humans have made a great achievement. Same applies to writing too. What started as signs is a full fledged script now. (There are many of them but that is not the issue here)

For a moment imagine a world without a language. You cannot. It is impossible. Without language we would be missing much of the pleasure that we enjoy. Without language we would be deprived of any information and its development thereof.

Language is very essential aspect of our lives.
Take for example the books. They have imparted us an endless knowledge generation after generation. A knowledge that has further led to more knowledge in every sphere of life.

Take example of our daily communications. From sweet goodbyes to lullabies, from scribbled reminders to notes for the day, from the casual exchange of greetings to marvelous speeches wonders of the language are countless.

Written language is the hallmark of the literate world. A parameter that differentiates it from and puts it at a higher pedestal than illiterate world. Yes! Unfortunately there are few parts of the world which are deprived of this beautiful aspect of the language.

It is the written language that has helped us to shape this world the way it is. Shaping of mind begins in the early school years and continues throughout the life. As we move further we can almost differentiate people on the basis of proficiency this aspect of the language.

There are experts and there are not so experts.

Whatever you do, wherever you are in the life the command over the written word puts you in distinct advantage.

Internet is no exception.

In our real life there are alternative methods to compensate for your lack of command. There is component of speech. Then there are gestures. But on internet written word is the sole medium of communication. Now a days a bit of help is available from graphics, audio and video files but the written word is still undisputed king and would remain so in the coming times.

Just have look at any website. There is no face that speaks to you. It is the writing that speaks. The only communication is through the written material. Everything that you need to convey to the visitor of your website is via written language. That is the big truth in itself.

After books it is the webpage that is harnessing the power of the written word. To tap this fully one must use their words wisely.

Internet is said to be a paradise for those who are proficient in written language. It could not be said in better words.

In next article we will discuss how to use words wisely to bring out results.
Till then .

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