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Online Writing Workshop, “Writing for the Real World: A Refresher for Busy Professionals,” Begins September 13, 2004
by:’s popular writing workshop, “Writing for the Real World: A Refresher for Busy Professionals,” is being turned into an online writing course (e-course), beginning September 13, 2004. is now offering its popular writing workshop, “Writing for the Real World: A Refresher for Busy Professionals,” as an online course, or e-course. The first e-course will start September 13, 2004, with classes running through the fall.

The course is taught in three segments. In Segment One, “Making Your Writing Correct,” participants will review some of the most common grammar and punctuation errors, along with other frequently made faux pas, such as using the wrong word (e.g., its versus it’s, that versus which). They will also learn the difference between genuine mistakes and questions of style.

In Segment Two, “Making Your Writing Concise,” participants will learn to find and repair the weak spots in their writing. They will also learn how to how to build a better sentence and get to the point by rearranging misplaced modifiers, cutting deadwood phrases and redundancies, and activating verbs.

In Segment Three, “Making Your Writing Clear,” participants will practice a handful of writing tricks that will make their writing easier to read, getting their messages across more quickly to their readers.

“This is a great class for busy professionals who need to freshen up their writing skills,” says Kivi Leroux Miller, president of and instructor of the course. “We use a straight-forward, practical approach that is appropriate for the business and nonprofit worlds. Students can apply what they are learning right away,” says Miller.

Each segment is four weeks long and costs $59. The fee for all three segments (the full course) is $149. Registration includes a weekly lecture, access to a discussion board, exercises, feedback from the instructor, and a recommended reading list.

For additional information, visit or contact Kivi Leroux Miller, president of, at 336-249-0913 or via email.

About the author: is a web-based service providing advice to people who need to write well at work. We provide most of our resources through two categories: our "Resources for Nonprofit Writers" Series for staff at nonprofit organizations and our "Writing for the Real World" Series for everyone interested in improving his or her writing. We provide free advice on every topic we cover, along with in-depth tip sheets reasonably priced at $9-12. is a service of EcoScribe Communications, based in Lexington, North Carolina. Writing911 is a registered trademark of EcoScribe Communications.

Kivi Leroux Miller, President
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