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Interviews don't have to be...scary
by: Brian Holte
This article may be re-published, notification would be appreciated.
Copyright 2004 by Brian Holte
Does the thought of asking someone for an interview cause your tongue to hide in the
back of your throat?
Does the thought of spending the night sleeping with the family dog you affectionately
call Marmaduke appeal to you more than asking someone for a few minutes of their time?
The fact of the matter is, whether your writing an ebook, or an article for a magazine,an
interview with an expert who specialises in your topic of choice ads credibility to your
writing and shows prospective editors your willing to go the extra mile to ensure that
what you write is factual, and that your willing to interview the experts required to back
up the research you've done.
Are you expecting your potential interviewee to jump through your computer screen,
scream and shout, and make all kinds of funny faces at you?
And then way!
It's that fear of rejection thing, isn't it?
Do me a favour, grab yourself a size 12 shoe and stomp on that baby!
It's therapeutic an it'll make you feel a whole lot better.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but 95% of the time this won't happen. They may say no, but
you know what? That's ok. It's their loss and your gain.
Chalk it up as a learning experience and move on to the next person.
Take comfort in knowing that the majority of people will be flattered that you have asked
for their expertise, and probably would be willing to help you out. After all, their getting
good publicity by giving you an interview.
It's a win-win situation for both parties.
Just make sure that when you do approach people about giving you an interview that you
already have the questions that you want to ask them ready before hand. It's not advisable
to ask them 100 different questions, 10 or less should be appropriate.
Make sure your questions cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, after all you want
to add some good content to you project...right? Just make sure to thank them for their
time and consider giving them a free copy of your finished product.

About the author:
Brian is a freelance writer and owner of www.theebookking.comand is the author of
“Can you picture yourself creating an info product?”

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