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A Cousin of Hemingway, Rose Now Puts Her Pen To The Page
by: Toni Hull
A few years ago when Chicago born author, Sarah Elizabeth Rose learned that she shared a common ancestor with Ernest Hemingway, and that she also shared common ancestors with Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Laura Elizabeth Ingalls, and Jane Austen, she finally understood why she had always felt a tremendous urge to write.

During her teen years Sarah could be seen jotting things down wherever she went: poems, short stories, and ideas for a novel. Her predisposition toward writing was obvious throughout her life, but only fully comprehended by Sarah after she had become a Professional Genealogist.

She had a natural curiosity to know where her ancestors had come from. While researching her family tree she recalls, �I was as surprised as any of us would be, to discover that I had several well known writers in my family tree.

It was after learning about these famous cousins, that my life-long belief of having been �born to write�, finally made sense to me, and became the moving force that prompted me to write Extraordinary Journey: Daughter of Destiny.�

Sitting in the den, inside her small green house on a half-acre of land with a creek, beneath a very clear, blue sky, Sarah began to compose what had been gnawing at her soul for so many years.

Extraordinary Journey: Daughter of Destiny is the drama in the life of a girl named Abbey, whose father is a professional criminal, and whose mother is a prostitute whom Abbey lives with in the red light district.

Courage and conflict flow through this work, as well as good versus evil. Abbey�s mother uses many ploys in her attempts to force Abbey into prostitution, and although she�s young, vulnerable and frightened, Abbey resists, and dreams of a better life.

She must overcome every type of hardship and act of inhumanity imaginable, but just how much can her young spirit take? Her life is in shambles, and void of any type of emotional support. Will that last remaining spark of hope be enough to pull her through? Will she ever be able to realize her dream of college and a normal life?

She was raised among prostitutes, and the unity of their voices speaks to her heart, smashing her dreams. �You�re only the daughter of a prostitute. Those things aren�t meant for us�. Trusting in her own judgment and intuition alone, because no others can be trusted, Abbey weighs her fears against her strengths as she tries to formulate a plan.

She has a strong inner strength, which has helped her to steadfastly refuse to descend to her mother�s level of debauchery, but her mother is hatching a very evil plan.

Who influenced Sarah to write this story? �I've been strongly influenced over the years by my observations of the people around me; neighbors, co-workers, and friends. I guess you could say that everyone has influenced me to write this book.�

What exactly drove her to write? �People are hungry to read fresh, powerful stories, with interesting characters and new plots. Extraordinary Journey: Daughter of Destiny is such a book.

The purpose is to captivate and entertain my audience so thoroughly that as they read it, time passes without their being aware of it. If I can accomplish that, I've attained my goal. This is why I've created powerful characters who feel intense emotion. It's titled, Extraordinary Journey because I take my readers to places most have never been before and show them a side of life they probably never knew existed.�

When asked about the main characters and what they are like, Sarah Elizabeth Rose replies, �The main characters are exceedingly human, and as such, each is flawed in their own individual way. They are intense and emotional, excitable and unpredictable, and at times criminal and violent. They will share their inner thoughts with the readers, and love them or hate them, my readers will never forget them!

I have modeled them after human nature itself, which is why even the worst among them isn't a hundred percent evil. This is why my characters are so complex. People in general are a mixed bag, and I have created my characters to reflect that.� .

...If you saw this on film someday, who would play the main characters? �I see Katie Holmes playing the part of Abbey; there's an innocence about Katie, a fragility, while at the same time her eyes reveal she has a wisdom beyond her young years. Heather Graham would portray Linda; with her small build, red hair, and fair complexion, Heather looks like she'd be a lot of fun at a party. She's one of the few women who can look both gentle and tough at the same time. She looks like she's full of surprises. ...

James Gandolfini would do justice to the role of Mike; he has the face and demeanor of a criminal. He is the type of guy who would make you feel very uncomfortable if you happened to find yourself face to face with him at a party. He has an air of violence about him. The good-looking and brooding Jason Behr would be cast as the serious Mike Jr. He gives the appearance of one who�s holding a deep secret inside.� �..And, finally, �Aaron Eckhart would definitely be Orly. Aaron also has an air of violence about him and can easily give the appearance of having been to prison. He looks like a hardened criminal who would just as soon kill you as to have to deal with you.� ...

What does Sarah want the reader to realize after reading her book? �Just look around you, my characters could be anyone... anyone who is allowed (or forced) by circumstance, to live their life in a world where virtue is not considered a good value, where individual pleasure or gain is more important than family, where there are no controls, and good doesn't always triumph over evil. If any among us were placed in the environment that my characters are living in, would they behave in the same way? I believe that some might.� Sarah Elizabeth Rose, is a Registered Professional Genealogist with a MA in History. Her poems have been widely published in independent magazines, books, and journals, in 49 States and 7 countries. In 2003 Sarah published, �Poetry, A Tribute To Life�.

She�s a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, America�s First Families, Colonial Dames XVIIc, Daughters of the American Colonists, The National Federation of Poetry Societies, and Pioneer Societies in IL, NE, UT, IA, and KS.

While a Specialist with the US Army Signal Corps, Sarah earned the Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Weapons Medal, Cold War Recognition, and five Letters of Commendation.

She is a member of the American Legion, and a charter member of Women In Military Service for America.

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Toni Hull,
National Marketing Director, Epic Books
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