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6 Tips That Make "How To" Book Writing A Snap!
by: Jeff Smith
What would it take to pluck you from your existing
lifestyle - frustration, anxiety, compromise, putting
up with kuckleheads who always seem to get ahead even
though the sum total of their usefullness could fit in
your little finger?

Believe it or not, one book could do it for you!

I'm not talking War and Peace either, I'm talking about
100 pages of fun, and some knowledge that anyone could
put together given an above average motivation and the
help of these 6 Power Writing tips.

Tip 1 - Book Writing Topic Selection

Pick a topic that people want to read about AND that you
are passionate about.

Want to help people get healthier - why not review the
latest low-carb diet craze out there and find out if it
really works?

Can you develop 10 questions people would want to know
about low-carb diets? Interview 10-15 people and you
will have an interesting book to sell to the over 500,000
people per month that search for information on that

Tip 2 - Outline and Blueprint Your Book Writing

Start by deciding on 10-12 major areas to cover in your

For low-car diets, some examples would be:

- Background of Low Carb Diets
- Low Carb diet Plans
- Low carb diet foods
- Low carb diet recipes
- Health implications of low carb diets
- Side effects of low-carb diets
- Etc...

These will become your chapters.

Tip 3 - Break Each Chapter Into A Series of Questions

This is just one incredibly powerful book writing technique
I learned from the best course I have ever read on writing -

What could be easier than finding 10-15 questions on each
of your chapter topics?

Think them up yourself, or even better, search out common
questions in discussion forums, support groups, and those
already within your target market.

Tip 4 - Commit to writing 30-minutes each day

Your goal is to answer at least 3 questions each day -
approximately 10-minutes per question.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to sit down and
just answer 3 questions each day.

No more freaking out about writing a book! No more pulling
your hair out at getting started or fighting writer's

Writing a book can be fun, quick and easy using this

Tip 5 - Avoid Premature Editing

Many of us are perfectionists. We will stew over 1 line
for minutes or even hours.

In reality, when we write quickly and without doubt, the
outcome is always better than when you edit as you go.

Tip 6 - Book Writing Is Your Passion!

Remember, this is your dream. You want the benefit of
happiness, wealth, publicity, and prestige that book
writing will bring you. Others may not share your dream.

Avoid dream crushers - they are all around us - in fact
they usually live in your own house and are related!

That's ok, they have their own dreams, that's what it
takes to make the world go round.

Your only judge should be your customers, not friends or

Follow these book writing principles, turn your dreams
into words, and watch your bank account grow.

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