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Stopping Your car being stolen
by: Phil Wiley

Car break and enter, and car theft is one of the worldís most common types of crime. Each day of the week many thousands of cars worldwide are broken into. Sometimes the aim is to steal the contents, but often itís to steal the car.

Extensive research has shown that a professional car thief can illegally enter you car; disarm the carís security system; and start the engine within 45 and 90 seconds.

Find this amazing?

So did I until I read that my own car is one of the easiest to break into, taking a pro average of 3 seconds. In fact it only took me 45 seconds when I locked my key inside,
And Iím definitely no car thief.

So how can you protect yourself from having your car stolen? From break and enter and theft? If youíre anything like most people itís likely you want to protect your valuable possessions. A thief who steals your car takes much more than just that. Having your car stolen can mean, missing school, work, an important occasion and even income.

With vehicle theft on the rise, protecting your car adequately is absolutely critical. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way in ensuring your car stays safe, secure and in your hands.

According to US security expert Chuck Whigham car theft is a high profit and low risk industry taking a serious hold in the United States. Car theft costs the United States between $8 and $9 billion annually, and the problem is still growing, he said.

So how do you stop your car being stolen?

* be cautious when buying cars from newspaper classified ads because they could be used as a platform to sell stolen vehicles to the unsuspecting customer. Research the carís VIN before agreeing to buy.

* Ask the seller where they had their vehicle serviced, and check about the car at that service station. You should ask whether it has qualified for a warranty, and express concern if it has not.

* Have your car fitted with an engine immobilizer. Immobilizers are electronic security devices that are integrated into the carís circuitry and engine management system.

(After extensive research, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) determined that electronic engine immobilizers are the most effective means of automobile theft deterrence).

* Look at using other car security devices including steering wheel locks, alarms, tracking systems and parts marking. Combined with an immobilizer these provide additional layers of protection, but an engine immobilizer should always be considered the minimum level of security at the core of any vehicle theft deterrent system.

* Layered protection is the best way to prevent auto-theft. The four layers you should consider are common sense, the warning device, the immobilizing device; and the tracking device.

* Common sense is simple actions such as removing your keys from the car, closing all windows, and locking all doors.

In addition to the above precautionary measures, Whigham supports the proactive use of a Layer 3: Electronic Immobilizing Anti-Theft Device because they are a true impediment for thieves, and thus provide another level of security for vehicles.

Remember - the real goal is to make your car less inviting to a thief. Take action against theft and save yourself and others money Ė protect your car.

About the author:
Phil Wiley is the author of the best selling book Mini Site Profits www.minisiteprofits.comand writes the free weekly Letter from Phil at

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