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Security Release: Important Tips For Your Vehicle
by: Pete Lance
You car is probably one of the most expensive items you have ever purchased. Therefore you must protect it well to help you keep your car and belongings from being stolen or vandalized.

Here are some important tips for the security of your vehicle:

Tip 1: Park in a Well Lit Area
Places which are well lit and have a lot of traffic are the best place to park your car. No sensible thief will steal a vehicle where there are a lot of people around.

Tip 2: Donít Attract Attention
Attracting attention tells people that you have something valuable in your car. Donít attract attention by placing high valued items in full view. Hide them away or risk losing the whole vehicle!

Tip 3: Take your Belongings with You
Take everything out of your car. Anything that can call attention probably will, and thieves love to hotwire cars that have expensive things inside. Don't leave in plain view any money, electronic items or expensive items.

Tip 4: Thieves Love Audio Equipment as Much as You do
A good snatch-and-grab man can get a stereo out of a car in seconds, often before passers-by even notice. So to make sure that your equipment is safe, you should make it difficult for the thief. Some companies make accessory frames that bolt your head unit securely to the car's body.

Tip 5: Get an Alarm System
Although an alarm system will not get the police rushing to your vehicle or get passer-bys restraining the thief, it will however lessen the time a thief can work your vehicle. Furthermore, many theirs will not even attempt your vehicle if they see that you have a security system installed.

Tip 6: If You can Help it, Donít Customize
Tinted windows, custom wheels, fog lights, all these accessories attract thieves. You car will of course look like a powerful vehicle, but that means more thieves would want your car as well. If you really want to add performance accessories to your vehicle, don't tell the whole world about it. Install them where no one can see them. Have your car look like something fresh out of the factory.

Tip 7: Lock at All Times
Last but not least, no matter how long (or how short) you are going to be away from your vehicle, lock your vehicle. Make sure there is no way for anybody to get in, be it passenger doors, the boot or even the sun-roof. That short 2 minutes you donít lock your vehicle can be costly.

About the author:
Pete Lance is the founder of,a premier company which helps the consumer save money on gasoline. Thousands or gas stations across the nation are tracked daily to guarantee the lowest prices on gasoline anywhere in the United States

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