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Should you keep your old car or buy a new one.
by: Roger Charles
Are you sure you need a new car? I'm sure you want the newest safety features and modern styling that a new car offers. Perhaps you need a larger vehicle to fit your growing family. You probably feel that your old car no longer fits your life. But how about cost?

From an economic perspective, you're better off keeping your old car. It could save you thousands of dollars. Taking better care of your current car may make much more sense in the long run.

You're probably thinking - those repair bills are really adding up. But the cost of repairs will never exceed the cost of a new car. Changing your oil, replacing brakes, belts, and hoses are nothing compared to monthly payments on a new car. Even costly repairs like rebuilding an engine makes good financial sense.

If you've paid off your car, it is still in great shape and needs only a few modest repairs, there's no need to throw it away. Enjoy your freedom from car payments. Enjoy lower annual taxes, insurance rates and license fees on your old car. Buying a new vehicle would mean several years more of monthly principle and interest payments on a loan.

You can feel secure knowing that modern vehicles last longer. Not too many years ago, a vehicle's useful life did not exceed 100,000 miles. Today, many vehicles can breeze right past that 100,000 mile mark with no more than a tune-up, or maybe a new timing chain or fuel pump.

Older cars generally cost more to maintain and are more likely to break down. Repairs can be frustrating and expensive. But on the other hand they're cheaper to own and operate. They lose most of its value in the first five years of their life. Your used vehicle won't depreciate as much, saving you thousands.

Unless you're rolling in cash, I'd say keep your old clunker. Comfort yourself knowing that one day you'll be able to easily afford that costly new ride.

About the author:
Roger Charles is a successful author and publisher of http://toyota-parts-guide.comA resource for information and tips on buying auto parts and accessories online.

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