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Mountain Dirt Bikes
by: Andrew Green
What are ?

Mountain dirt bikes are basically dirt bikes for use in climbing and descending rocky and grassy mountains. They can be motor or peddle models and it is up to you which you go for. The motor versions are quite different in design and look to other dirt bikes because of the use they are designed and built specifically for.

How do mountain dirt bikes differ from other dirt bikes?

Specifically, the frame is a lot higher than on a standard dirt bike in order that you get more ground clearance; the extra ground clearance will help you avoid mud build-ups, rocks and other such debris when traversing a mountain or hill. The frames themselves are also much more sturdy so if you do happen to clip a rock or something similar they are unlikely to just snap in half and will provide you and your bike with more protection. The brakes are stronger, making it possible to stop your bike rolling down the hill or off a rock and they usually come with both rear and front suspension to make the trickier terrain associated with mountain riding easier to handle. The suspension also makes the ride a lot more comfortable because you will face a number of bumps and sometimes some quite manic descents down the mountain.

Generally speaking a mountain dirt bike is much more rugged and rough than a normal dirt bike because of the beating and battering it will take during itís life.

What else should I know about my mountain dirt bike?

If you own or are considering purchasing a mountain dirt bike you should know that you canít purchase normal dirt bike parts and expect them to do an equally good job on your mountain dirt bike. They simply arenít designed for the same purpose. Yes, itís true that a dirt bike is built to withstand quite a battering and a beating but itís also designed for riding around a dirt track. However, a mountain dirt bike is designed to be ridden over mountains and through rocky, grassy and muddy terrains. The tires are such that they can withstand all of these terrains as is the rest of your bike. The suspension, brakes and frames are quite different when compared to other types of dirt bikes so you should be careful when buying parts or repairing your bike.

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