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Waiora Top Recruiters Using Conversational Recruiting
by: Kevin Paschke
When someone tells me their MLM numbers are down, I usually ask, “How is your personal recruiting?” The answer is always, “down.”

No matter what the problem seems to be in your MLM, it's usually nothing that a fresh group of sponsored people you can help can’t cure. If you want to make a solid part-time or full-time income in network marketing, you have to be persistent and consistent with your personal recruiting.

In interviews with top MLM recruiters nationwide we’ve discovered 7 critical themes that keep recurring.

1 - Recruiting is a process.

It is not done once at 9:00 a.m. or after dinner each day. It is not done the first and fourth Monday nights of every month. You are recruiting each time you share your products and business opportunity with any prospect.

2 - Recruiting is continuous.

It does not stop with the first, fifth or twentieth person you sponsor. As you recruit, your distributors recruit, and on and on. The top leaders we interviewed recruit day in and day out.

3 - Recruiting leverages your time.

The ten hours you invest in your business can create two to ten people who each spend ten hours. Your ten hours have now increased from twenty to one hundred hours invested in your business.

4 - Recruiting sets an example.

If I wasn’t a top recruiter with my company, my group would never taken recruiting seriously. By consistently sponsoring 8+ every month (full-time effort), I set a bar for the leadership in my team. My wife is also a top recruiter (after learning Conversational Recruiting™). She sets an example for her team of ladies.

5 - Recruiting has no boundaries.

With your opportunity, you have the opportunity to build an organization across the United States and possibly the world. You will get financial benefits for the rest of your life on sponsorships made by people you don't even know. The sun may never set on your residual income. Great feeling, right?

6 - Recruiting increases your personal development.

Is it comfortable talking to total strangers after our moms taught us, “Don’t talk to strangers”? No. When you break through your comfort zone, you’ll experience immense pride in what you can accomplish. And, once you get the habit of hitting your monthly recruiting goal, you’ll feel awkward if you don’t do it. Start that habit now.

7 - Recruiting is a highly prized skill set by companies.

MLM companies rely on strong recruiters to teach, train and duplicate. Big bonuses are usually in compensation plans to reward top recruiters.

Keep these themes in mind as you develop a strong and profitable business. This is an industry where you write your own check and it starts with consistent recruiting.

About the author:
Kevin Paschke is the Co-Creator of the best MLM Training – A 200+ page advanced home-study course on recruiting and is the Founder of the TopWaiora Team

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