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How to Get Free Advertising for your Business
by: Seb Jay
Advertising is the lifeblood of every business on the planet. Without it customers simply don't know that you're there. And if you have no customers then you have no business…it's as simple as that!

Of course, advertising comes in many shapes and forms. There are traditional advertising avenues such as TV, radio and the Internet. Then there's the less obvious ones like competitions, give-aways and sponsorship advertising.

But, regardless of which advertising route is chosen, more often than not a hefty financial outlay is needed to secure the advertising space in the first place. This being without any guarantee that the advertising you place will actually work.

Given that most companies advertising budgets are limited at the best of times - or practically non-existent in some cases - feeding money into advertising that may not work seems like a pretty high risk thing to do. Surely there must be a better way? Well, there is! Welcome to the world of free advertising through joint ventures.

Joint ventures - the key to advertising success!

When it comes to advertising, joint ventures, where two or more companies with a natural synergy benefit from a shared relationship, are a powerful tool. They can offer so much in terms of advertising leverage that once you're in joint venture relationships that are working you'll wonder how you ever survived without them.

So, just how can starting up a joint venture provide your business with free advertising? Well, it's quite simple really!

Say you have a business that sells golf clubs and you set up a joint venture with a web site that sells golfing vacations. You could negotiate a deal where the golfing vacation company advertises your golf clubs on their site for free. In return for this free advertising you could arrange to provide them with a share of the profits on golf club sales made through their efforts.

By establishing other similar joint ventures you can effectively secure free advertising for your products and services around the globe. It will work for any product or service. All that you have to do is find the right type of joint venture partner.

Finding the right type of joint venture partner

Joint ventures work best when partners share a common economic interest. Using the golf club example it's little use partnering with a company that sells diapers. You're advertising in this instance would likely be wasted.

Instead, joint ventures should be arranged with companies who already have access to your target audience, and the best place to find such partners is through joint venture facilitators like

Joint venture facilitators will match your company up with joint venture partners who have a compatible economic interest. They remove all the hard work in finding suitable partners, leaving you free to concentrate your resources elsewhere in your business. It is then up to you to broker the deal and secure the free advertising that want. Remember though, joint ventures aren't just about you! They're a two-way thing, so think 'win-win' and you won't go far wrong…good luck!

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