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This article, Supergirl: What Did You Think of “Livewire”?, originally appeared on TV.com.

Thanksgiving came a week early to Supergirl after CBS made the respectful decision in the aftermath of the Paris attacks to pull the previously scheduled episode that featured National City being hit by a series of bombings.

Like so many daughters before her, Kara’s Thanksgiving was met with a disapproving mother (Helen Slater’s back y’all!), however, I don’t know anyone whose Thanksgiving was ruined because their mom wasn’t cool with their heroic extracurricular activities. It’s usually because someone set the turkey on fire or because someone isn’t married or having kids yet. Lucky for Kara, her turkey in the photo above appears to be just fine.

Elsewhere in “Livewire,” a disgruntled former CatCo employee was transformed into a disgruntled former CatCo employee with powers and then used said powers to go after Cat. Apparently villains do not understand the concept of Thanksgiving, which is that you’re supposed to do nothing but stuff your face full of mashed potatoes and then fall asleep watching a Buffymarathon.


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