Free Traffic Tip 30 – Be Persistent

Summary: One of the key attributes of successful webmasters and internet marketers is that they are persistent. Building traffic to your website takes time and is not something that you do for a few weeks and then give up.
Benefit: Having the right mindset can make a huge difference to your success.
Step by Step Instructions:
(1) Understand that building up consistent traffic to your website takes time. It does not happen within a few weeks and it certainly does not happen overnight.
(2) Apply the traffic tips within this EBook on a regular basis. Try to spend at least 1 hour every day building traffic to your website.
(3) Set yourself goals and monitor your traffic on a regular basis to ensure that it is growing.
(4) Remember that getting a top ranking in a search engine can take a few months or more, especially if you have a new website and are targeting a competitive keyword phrase.
(5) If your traffic is not growing you need to look at what you have been doing and try to understand where you have been going wrong – don’t continue to do the same things if they
are not working.
(6) If you are stuck, you may want to consider getting some mentoring. You can try the Affiliate Power Group for 10 days for just $1. We can look at your website and tell you where you
have been going wrong and how you can improve your traffic.

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