Free Traffic Tip 28 – Use StatCounter to Analyze Your Website Stats

Summary: If you don’t already have statcounter on your website you will install it. If you do have Statcounter you will use it to learn something about your traffic and set goals for improvement.

Benefit: You will be aware of the number of visitors to your website, the keywords they search on, the pages they visit, how long they stay for and much more!

Step by Step Instructions: 

If you don’t have StatCounter follow these instructions to install it: 

  • Go to and sign up for an account.
  • Click Add New Project and enter the information about your
  • Click Install Code and choose the invisible counter (more professional), click Ask for the default installation guide, click next.
  • You will see some Copy and paste this into a text editor (e.g. notepad) and save this.
  • Download yourhtml file from your website. You can do this by logging into where is your domain name, and using the file manager OR using an FTP program.
  • Open your index file in You will see some HTML code.
  • Scroll right down to the bottom of the page until you see </body> </html>
  • Paste the statcounter code BEFORE the </body>
  • Save your index file and upload it to your website

Once you have installed statcounter wait a few days until you have built up some records of your visitors. If you already have statcounter you can follow these steps now:

  • Login to Statcounter and click on the project for your Look at the stats summary for the previous week (or month). Write down how many unique visitors you have per day (blue bar) on average. Also write down how many page loads (green bar) you have per day on average. Set yourself a goal to increase his number within the next month. If your traffic is less than 100 visitors per day, aim to double it.
  • Click on Came From and take a look at the sort of websites that are referring traffic to your Are they search engines? Traffic Exchanges? Article Directories? Blogs? Doing this will help you see whether your marketing has been effective and give you an idea of where you are getting the most traffic from.
  • Click on Keyword Analysis. What are the most common keywords that people use to find your Are there any surprises there? Is there anything you could do to improve this?
  • Click on Exit Links. What pages are people most commonly leaving your site on? Are they leaving through affiliate links to other sites? If not, then try to identify why they might be Could you do something to improve the page?
  • Click on Visitor Paths. This lets you see the exact pages that the visitor came to on your It can be very interesting to see how your visitor navigates your website.

Checking your stats on a regular basis will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about how visitors see your website. You should aim to check your stats at least once per week and set yourself targets for improvement.

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