Free Traffic Tip 26 – Master One Form of Marketing

Summary: Are you getting at least 300 visitors a day to your site? If not, why not? My guess is you are not focusing on one form of marketing and becoming an expert at.

Benefit: You will actually get meaningful traffic and your business will grow. Once you have mastered one you can add another.

Step by Step Instructions: 

I am going to assume now that you have now tried several forms of advertising and promotion. Which one did you like best?

I know for me I really enjoyed search engine optimization and concentrated on building web pages around keyword phrases using SEO techniques. I became an expert at that because I was interested in doing it. It stills brings me thousands of visitors every month and some of these pages are over 6 years old.

What do you like to do most that you feel motivated enough to sit down and work at all of the time. Possible choices…

  • article marketing
  • blogging
  • ezine advertising
  • traffic exchanges
  • link trades
  • forum marketing
  • blog posting
  • outsourcing any of the above (yes outsourcing could be a good thing to master)
  • etc…

If you like doing something else not on this list that is o.k. as well. I just challenge everyone to become an expert on one form of internet marketing and do it until you are getting at least 300 visitors a day.

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Author: Jeff Schuman

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