Free Traffic Tip 25 – Use Traffic Exchanges to Get Leads

Summary:  Traffic Exchanges are free to use and can be a great way to grow your list. You can earn credits by viewing other peoples’ web pages and spend credits on banner advertising or displaying your web pages to others. Unfortunately most

people use traffic exchanges incorrectly. Read this tip to find out how to use traffic exchanges to grow your list.

Benefit: You will grow your list for free.

Step by Step Instructions: 

  • Join Traffic Hoopla for This will show you the current top traffic exchanges and help you to build a downline. Building a downline in the traffic exchanges means that eventually you will not have to surf for credits as you will earn credits when your downline surfs.
  • Login to Traffic Hoopla and click the “1st Join” Join the top 5 Traffic Exchanges in the list. As you join them, enter your referral IDs in Traffic Hoopla and save them.
  • You will need to login to each of the 5 traffic exchanges individually and enter a URL to promote and you will normally have to surf 10-20 pages to activate your For the URL, you want to choose a combination of a) Your Lead Capture Page and b) A Traffic Hoopla Splash page (to build your downline). To save time, login to each traffic exchange in a separate browser tab and do your activation surfing of all the exchanges at the same time.
  • Congratulations – you have now set up an account with the 5 top traffic


It will take you a while to build up a good downline so that you no longer have to surf with credits. In the meantime you should login to the 5 traffic exchanges and do half an hour of simultaneous surfing as often as possible to build up credits.

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