Free Traffic Tip 24 – Spy on your Competitors

Summary: Go find your nearest competitor, then research their traffic sources and use one of their tactics for your own site.

Benefit: You’ll learn more about your competitors, and you’ll probably find a new source of traffic that is already working for someone else.

Step by Step Instructions: 

1.) Go to Google and search for your primary keywords.

2.) Click on the site that is at the top for “natural” search. (not paid advertisers)

3.) Now you’ve found your top competitor. Copy their URL and go over to and do a search like this: (make sure and replace “” with your competitors domain URL. – then click search.

4.) This will show you all the backlinks of your competitor…and backlinks are sources of traffic. Your job is to click on these backlinks (explore them) and find out more about them.

5.) Then, once you have found a few good ones, pick at least ONE and figure out how YOU can duplicate this backlink for YOUR SITE.


That’s it…you’re done!
Traffic Tip
Author: Ken Troyer

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