Free Traffic Tip 22 – Review your SEO Position and Come up with a Plan

Summary:  You are going to make an evaluation of where you are with your search engine optimization (SEO). After this you will come up with a plan of action to improve your position.

Benefit: You will gain an understanding of your current SEO position and improve upon it.

Step by Step Instructions: 

  • If you have never done any Search Engine Optimization on your website OR you have never had an SEO service don’t go any further than the first step of this task. Instead sign up for me free SEO Course by Email.
  • First write down the main keyword phrases that your home page has been optimized for. For most people this will just be one phrase, but some of you may have 2-3
  • Go to the SEO Centro Rank checker and enter your main keyword, domain name, the access code and click on the submit Repeat this for each of your main keywords.
  • If you are ranked in one of the top 40 positions this will show in the results. Ideally you want to be in the top 10 so you are on page one of the search engine If you are number 1, congratulations, if you are not keep reading…
  • Take a note of the domain names of the sites that are in positions 1, 2 & 11 in Google for your This will be listed in the report that was generated for you.
  • Take a note of how many backlinks each of these three sites This is not an exact science, but this number will give you an INDICATION of the kind of numbers you need to get for your own website if you want to rank in the top 2 positions of the first page of results, or the top of the second page of results.
  • Repeat step (6) but this time enter your own URL in the This will tell you how many backlinks you have to your own website. Consider the difference between this number and the numbers that you noted in step (7).
  • Now you have a rough idea of how many more backlinks you need to gain a top Next you need to commit to spending as much time as possible building new backlinks. Set yourself a weekly target e.g. 30 backlinks per week and take a look at steps 5, 7 and 8 of the

PPG step by step plan to work towards your target of gaining these backlinks. This will help you to gain a top search engine ranking for your phrase.

I recommend checking your ranking and your total number of backlinks once per month. Take a note of the numbers so that you can track your progress.

If you feel that the competition is too tough, you may want to consider choosing a less competitive phrase. Alternatively, if you are already at the top of Google for your keywords and you are not getting enough traffic you may want to consider re-optimizing or adding a new phrase to your page. If you need help with any of this we can provide you with an SEO critique and help to improve inside the Affiliate Power Group.


Additional Information:

It is not only your home page that brings you traffic. Sub pages of your website and blog posts will as well. To increase your chances of getting good traffic you should:

  • Use the Google Keyword tool to find low competition Usually they will just have a few hundred searches per month.
  • Make a new blog post and put the phrase in the blog post title and 2-3 times in the blog post
  • Get at least one backlink to that blog postg. by social bookmarking, posting it in a forum or including the link in an article resource box (in addition to your home page link).

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