Free Traffic Tip 20 – Get Traffic from Link Referral

Summary: Join LinkReferral, add a text or image link to your site, view 30 sites, review 5 sites, bookmark 1 site and make 1 forum post.Benefit: LinkReferral is free and provides backlinks as well as a four pronged approach to driving free targeted traffic to your site from:

–  Members directory traffic

–  Referral based traffic

–  Search engine traffic

–  LinkReferral forums traffic

Step by Step Instructions:

(1)  Register for a Basic Membership (Free) account at LinkReferral and add either your website or blog url. Bear in mind you will have to add a LinkReferral text link, button or banner to your site.

(2)  Login and click on the “How does it work?” text link and spend a few minutes to get acquainted with the program.

(3)  Click on the “What is LinkReferral” text link in the top right hand corner to learn how you can benefit from the 4 pronged approach to developing free traffic.

(4)  Under “Membership Admin” go to the “Change Info” link and double check that you are happy with the information and site that you entered when you registered.

(5)  Under HTML Code choose a text link or banner and add it to your blog or website.

(6)  Now start driving traffic by clicking on the “Visit/Review” text link under “Increase Traffic” and review other member’s sites for ranking credit. Choose a category (I recommend you choose the same category that you have listed your site/blog in). Then choose a sub-category and the urls of the sites will be presented to you.

(7)  View 30 sites (this takes about half an hour) and comment on 5 sites, bookmark one of the sites you have viewed and make 1 forum post.

(8)  To view a site just click on the url of the site. When you come across a site that you would like to review just click on the “Review This Site” and select your answers from the 5 drop down boxes. Even just by reviewing 5 sites a day and viewing 10 you will see results.

(9)  To make a forum post, click on the “Forums” link on the top horizontal bar and select a forum and make one post – either start a new thread or respond to an existing post.

(10)   The “Ranking Credit for Today” box on the top right hand side of the screen will keep count of the sites you have viewed and reviewed, your forum post and bookmarked site.

Optional (for later on)

 Add Reviews of your site done by other members to your Site/Blog

After you have received a few good reviews of your site/blog (you will receive an email advising you when your site has been reviewed) you can place these reviews on your site. To get the code go to “View The Reviews You Have Received” under “Membership Admin”.

Select the reviews you would like to put on your site by clicking in the square button and click on the “Choose” button. You now have the option to change the color to match your site – click on “change” and select the html code and add it to your site.

Join the LinkReferral Ad Network but instead of earning and spending money, you simply earn and spend ad credits.

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