Free Traffic Tip 18 – A Simple Way to Build Longtail Keywords

Summary:  Build a list of longtail keywords using this simple method.

Benefit: Increased traffic to your website.

Step by Step Instructions: 

We covered this in tip #4, but I know very few people do this because we continue to get article orders where people have no idea what keywords to have our writing company write about.

I am re-writing it so maybe this will be easier to understand. I happen to feel this is the most important thing an internet marketer can do.

Building a good keyword list of longtail phrases can be used in so many different ways.

Here is exactly step-by-step how you can build a keyword list of several hundred words to use for your article marketing and blog article marketing efforts.

  1. Go to Google’s free keyword tool page here:
  1. Enter your primary keyword in the box in the middle of the page where it says: Enter one keyword or phrase per line: In my case I am entering “make money online” without the quotation
  1. Enter the letters you see and click get keyword

This brings up 101 words I can target. It also gives me 99 additional words I could use as a secondary keyword or even a primary keyword if I choose. I will save those in a word doc and delete theme as I use them.

  1. To dig deeper and create an even larger list I see “ways to make money online” is one of the I enter it and I get 46 more even longer phrases in some instances. Plus I get another 154 additional words I could target.

I now have over 300 long tail keyword phrases to target and I do a different blog post on each one, a different article on each one and so on.

You can do the same thing for words you want to build a larger list with. Just keep entering new words and building a large list. Then delete them as you use them.

Over time I have ended up on page one of Google for over 3000 phrases. Some of them Google ranks me for based on words in the articles as well as hyperlinking them in my resource box, on a

blog comment blox, in a forum post, etc. This is even other ways to use your words.

I have been doing this for over 7 years and work at it all of the time. It is hard work and most people quit. If you can hang in long enough to get it going and make some money it even becomes fun!

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