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A jetpack for the masses is finally here and not a moment too soon. Canadian inventor Raymond Li has come up with a new kind of jetpack that is water-powered and will allow the flyer to hover 30 feet in the air and zoom at speeds up to 22 miles per hour. The contraption should be available this summer for around $136,000.

JetLev Promo

Called the Jetlev (and available for sale within weeks), Li’s invention requires the flyer to be above water. A long hose sucks up water and then the attached jetpack blasts the water downward, “creating up to 500 pounds of thrust,” according to CNN. Once in the air, the flyer can use the hand controls to adjust the speed and height.

Alas, it ain’t cheap. But just because you can’t afford to buy one, that doesn’t mean you’ll be completely shut out of the futuristic fun. A spokesperson for the Jetlev’s manufacturer, MS Watersports GmbH, says that his company may make the invention available at certain resorts. Why own when you can rent? goes into more detail on how the jetpack really works. “Your horizontal distance is only limited by flight time… and you can scoot around at 35 mph for up to two hours.” Wired also writes that, all things considered, the Jetlev isn’t all that dangerous. “Falling 30 feet onto water might not be pleasant, but neither is it going kill you.” That sounds like a perfect tagline to us.

Below, a promo video of the Jetlev in action. Note that the U.S. version, which is final assembly now, will look slightly different. It will be white and made of fiberglass, not carbon fiber.

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